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What is SEO?

example imageSEO is becoming one of the fastest growing marketing technique. As more businesses turn to the internet to sell their services and products, it becomes very important for them to market themselves properly on the world wide web. A traditional marketing method like advertising on news papaers or magazines reaches a limited audience due to various factors such as readership, popularity, business markets and so on.

How would SEO benefit me?

SEO is done to increase the visibility of your site. After SEO your site would be in the top results dispalyed by search engines. This would increase the chances of getting more traffic and so more customers.

How much time should I spend on a SEO campaign?

To make your presence on search engines needs a period of three months. But as search engines put the most popular link in the top results, your site may disappear. To solidify your site, you should continue with the campaign.

Why should I hire an expert for SEO?

Experts know all the complex aspects of SEo process and act accordingly. They make it a target to see the website in the top results of search engines and for that they use their experience and expertise.

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